New live dates available now!

New dates available now!

The twenties are roaring! And how! Despite all the difficulty and dispair, we are creating plans for the near future! Keep an eye out for all the exciting wriggly bits and winking eyebrows, fancy moustaches, and general slapstickery! But most importantly, stay up to date with our comings and goings, where we’ll be playing, who we’ll be working with, and what we’ll be brewing up next. Stay tuned! Our first live performances can be found in the tour list!

Dear Stay-at-Homers

Dear Stay-at-Homers,
To match the spirit of the present “roaring twenties”, we pulled out all the stops in order to record a new single and clip – and it’s done! In cooperation with Our “Dear” friend and musical star Cystine Carreon.

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Culture in Action!

The world is going through strange times indeed, and through it all we contributed our bit on (still available online for the whole week!). Theater, and all other forms of art and culture, will still play an important role in the times to come, as they always have.

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The Opera House Wellington Heritage

Between the 13th and the 15th of March our Släpstick show will take the podium at the magnificent Opera House in Wellington New Zealand, as part of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts! A festival chockfull of dance, music, theater and comedy, performed by unbelievably talented artists. We’ve already loaded our instruments and props on the airplane on Tuesday, and we’ll be chasing them down a week later. We’ll keep you posted!

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