TV Room

Welcome to our TV room. Grab some pop corn, sit down and relax, it’s time to enjoy some of our finest (tv) performances and other material.

Häppy Hour

The Covid proof show of Släpstick

Music: Hello Dear

For our dear stay-at-homers: we released a new single with our beloved singer Cystine Carreon, our ‘Dear’ and musical star!

TV performance at BR ABENDSCHAU

We were invited with our 🇩🇪 friends of the BR – Abendschau.

Trailer SLÄPSTICK long

Check our trailer of our show SLÄPSTICK. Also longing for an evening  zin gekregen om een avondje te lachen? Bekijk hier ons tourschema 🎟

Trailer SLÄPSTICK Short

Short trailer of the show Släpstick. Do you like it? See our tour list.

TV performance at BBC Breakfast

We were invited at the breakfast show of our  🇬🇧  Britsch friends of the BBC.

Fairground (live)

…from the show Släpstick. Do you want to see more?

Check our tour list!

Clowns part II (LIVE)

…from the show Släpstick. Do you want to see more?

See our tour list!

TV performance at the Scottish Television

Impression of our visit to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017