The show ‘Släpstick’

Imagine yourself at a 1920’s fairground: the smell of popcorn teases your nose, while a smooth-talking carnival worker dares you to take your best shot. Five vagabond musicians stroll the midway: one moment Comedian Harmonists serenading a stately dame, the next they’re in a makeshift boxing ring, circling each other in time to a folky melody. Armed with a seemingly endless plethora of musical instruments, the five members of Släpstick transport you to a bygone era full of whimsy and virtuosic tomfoolery. Släpstick is an ode to musical comedians such as Charlie Chaplin, Marx Brothers, Spike Jones, and Laurel & Hardy. A spectacular collection of musical and humorous acts rooted in the slapstick tradition, but with a modern twist. Släpstick: a whirlwind evening of song, dance, comedy, melancholy and nostalgia.

What The Press Say

‘Unexpected, genuine poignancy’  ★★★★  The SCOTSMAN

‘Buy a ticket while you still can’  ★★★★★  DAILY MAIL

‘A tour-de-force musical extravaganza’  ★★★★★ FESTMAG

‘Hugely entertaining’  ★★★★ The HERALD

“A phenomenal production. The five performers refer to rich traditions whilst being unbelievably innovative.” ★★★★★ De Volkskrant

“The men of SLÄPSTICK are making an ode to an almost forgotten art form: slapstick. And they do it magnificently. A deep bow for the craftsmanship of the Wëreldbänd.” ★★★★★Trouw

“Music hall style at a ridiculously high level.”  ★★★★★ NRC

“An unmissable addition to the current theatre programming.” ★★★★★ Theaterkrant


What the press say about 'Släpstick'

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With : Willem van Baarsen, Rogier Bosman, Ro Krauss, Sanne van Delft en Jon Bittman
Direction : Stanley Burleson

Karel de Rooij (regie advies)

Set design and creation : Jacco van den Dool, Siem van Leeuwen, Ellen Windhorst
Costume design : Jan Aarntzen
Lighting design

Audio design

: Jacco van den Dool en Wouter Moscou

Joep van der Velden

Monitoring : Kevin Baaij
Stage technician : Benjamin Brandt
Management & Production : Elselinda Schouten, Amsterdam Artist Management