After demolishing more than their fair share of theater and festival stages, Släpstick are turning their mischievous attentions to the grand concert halls of Europe and beyond! Scherzö: a clown-esque concerto for the ages, in which a seemingly highbrow evening of classical repertoire glissandos into a bacchanal of comical mishaps and absurdity. Neither foppy-wigged composers nor their magnum opus are safe from this buffoonery. Behold as a marble bust of Beethoven comes alive and challenges his fellow sculptures to a yodeling battle-royale! Clutch your breast as Schubert’s Erlkönig lament’s his dying son while prancing on a trampoline! Gasp in amazement as the ghost of George Gershwin accompanies a flotilla of rolling instruments- an entire symphony orchestra played by only five musicians and led by an inflatable conductor! It’s Chaplin meets Tchaikovsky, Buster versus Bernstein, and Groucho Marx does Mozart, all rolled up into one raucous oeuvre that deftly mocks the “pomp” in Pomp and Circumstance. Släpstick presents Scherzö: an evening of classical music as you’ve never experienced before. Don’t call it a come Bach, it sure ain’t no symphony, and it’s SO not a sonata! Scherzö!

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This show is created thanks to these tree funds:

Fonds podium kunsten performing arts fund NL
Staring : Willem van Baarsen, Rogier Bosman, Jaap Rovers, Sanne van Delft en Jon Bittman

directorial advice/Choreography

  Rogier in ‘t Hout

Stanley Burleson




  Ellen Windhorst

Siem van Leeuwen

Kim van der Zijde, Rosa Kuin

Costumes   Jan Aarntzen




Wouter Moscou, Yuri Schreuders

Simon Kelaita

Joep van der Velden

Kevin Baaij

Zendertechniek Dorus van Leeuwen
Stage technique Rosa Kuin, Michel Tol
Production and Management


Production assistance

Elselinda Schouten, Amsterdam Artist Management

Melany de Graaf