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This autumn back in the theaters with ‘HÄPPY HOUR’


Dear Stay-at-Homers

Dear Stay-at-Homers,
To match the spirit of the present “roaring twenties”, we pulled out all the stops in order to record a new single and clip – and it’s done! In cooperation with Our “Dear” friend and musical star Cystine Carreon.

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Upcoming shows

This fall Släpstick presents: “Häppy Hour”: a perfect happy hour cocktail made from the best ingredients from the full length ‘Släpstick’ show, shaken and stirred with a few zesty new and exclusive numbers.
In November the full length ‘Släpstick’ can be seen twice in Germany.
  1. Släpstick @ Marnach (L)

    6 March : 18:30 & 20:00
  2. Släpstick @ Dortmund (D)

    11 March : 20:00
  3. Släpstick @ Coesfeld (D)

    12 March : 19:30
  4. Släpstick @ Kornwestheim (D)

    14 March : 20:00

    13 September : 19:00 & 21:30