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Släpstick returens to the concert halls of Europe and beyond, with Scherzö: a clown-esque concerto for the ages, in an evening of classical repertoire into a comical mishaps and absurdity. Neither foppy-wigged composers nor their magnum opus are safe from this buffoonery. Behold as a bust of Beethoven comes alive and challenges his fellow sculptures to a yodeling battle-royale! It’s Chaplin meets Tchaikovsky and Groucho Marx does Mozart, this and so mutch more, all rolled up into one raucous oeuvre that deftly mocks the “pomp” in Pomp and Circumstance. Scherzö: an evening of classical music as you’ve never experienced before.


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Upcoming shows

In fall 2021, we will present our new show in the Netherlands and Belgium. Outside these countries “SLÄPSTICK” will be played in Germany and France in the upcoming theatre season.


Watch the trailer of the show