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Dear Stay-at-Homers

Dear Stay-at-Homers, To match the spirit of the present "roaring twenties", we pulled out all the stops in order to record a new single and clip - and it's done! In cooperation with Our "Dear" friend and musical star Cystine Carreon.

Watch and listen to our new single “Hello Dear”, and participate in the swingalong challenge. Catch a video of yourself as you swing or sing, together or at distance, with your dear. Any whichever way that might be! Put your video on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us! We’ll mash up all your videos into an unforgettable follow-up clip! Use the hashtag: #swinglaong#challenge and tag @Slapstick_nl. And now, let’s get moving! It’s a #swingalong! #challenge #swinglaong #quarantunes! Share and like this message: the more fun videos we receive, the better! Since April 28th, “Hello Dear” is available also on Spotify and Apple Music.

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