Ro Krauss


I was 3 years old when my grandfather played a Laurel and Hardy film on his projector, whilst providing the soundtrack live from behind his piano. From that moment on I felt the deep connection between music and humour. Seemingly random moments of slapstick in combination with musical discoveries have been a continual theme throughout my life.


Ro is a violist and self-proclaimed gypsy. He began studying viola and violin at the age of 7, and continued his studies at various conservatories with Ron Ephrat, Vladimir Mendelssohn and Prunella Pacey. He has participated in masterclasses with, among others, Nobuko Imai, Milan Scampa (Smetana Quartet) and members of the Altenberg Trio. In 1996 Ro completed his degree in performance, graduating cum laude from the Conservatory of Utrecht. Ro is a specialist in Balkan folk music, an in-demand session musician, and has performed with a variety of artists.

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